Amplify the Attraction

“How To GRIP Her Attention…
And Never Let it Go…”

FINALLY… You Can Learn
Step-by-Step And Word-for-Word Techniques
That Trigger ‘Stalker Like’ Devotion… Gets Her
‘Desperate’ to See You Again… and Creates

Hey man

But first, let me ask you something. And I want you to be honest with me…

*   Are you sick of talking to a girl, feelings like you are getting somewhere, but then her interest fades and nothing comes of the conversation?


*   Does it seem like you just can’t maintain the attraction… and at some point you keep losing her before you can get her out on a date with you?

*   Are you sick and tired of being seen as ‘the friend’ or having a girl tell you that she doesn’t see you in ‘that’ way?

*   Are you starting to feel like you are ‘not enough’ for women, and with all the other guys she has to choose from, you don’t know how to differentiate yourself… or why she would possibly choose you?

*   Do you feel boring as shit when you are around girls?

*   Do you get stuck at a ‘comfortable’ level with women and it never seems like you can cross that boundary between ‘friendly guy’ and guy she would have sex with?


A Question of Attraction…


Every day my inbox is filled with emails from guys asking questions just like this:


“I was talking to this girls and she seemed to really like me at first. But when I asked for her number she got weird. She gave it to me. But now when I call her she doesn’t answer. I know she was attracted to me… what can I do?”

I usually respond to them with something like this…

"…Let me tell you something about attraction"


ot Long Ago

I had just broken up with Nicole.

A couple weeks after the breakup I ran into her and a group of her friends at a local bar.

Since things were still in the awkward phase between Nicole and me, I wound up talking to her friend Robin.

Within 7 minutes, Robin and I were alone in a corner.

Robin says to me “I really should not be talking to you… Nicole isn’t over you, and she is probably watching us right now.”

I said “You can leave if you want.”

She said “Trust me I don’t want to… But Nicole is one of my best friends… and she would kill me if anything happened…”

I just grinned.

…Two hours later Robin was lying on the floor of my apartment, with her panties around her ankles… begging me to fuck her.

That is the power of attraction.

Power of Attraction…

*     Every morning in college dorms across the country, girls who swore they were ‘waiting for the right guy’ wake up naked next to a guy…who they just met...

*     Every day women sneak off from their husbands and families into cheap motels and risks everything for one hour with a guy.

*     Hot female professors have lost their jobs because they had to have one of their students….

These guys are not male models, they don’t have some secret pheromone scent, they’re not mega-rich, and they are not celebrities.

They are guys just like you and me

So when I get an email that claims a woman was attracted to you… but she couldn’t manage to find any time to hang out… I have to burst your bubble…

If women aren’t responding to you… there is only one reason: you are not flipping enough of her attraction switches.

Here is the thing…when you push the right buttons, say the right words, and trigger ‘got to have him’ desire… there is nothing that can drag a woman away from you.

It Wasn’t Always Easy For Me… //

You may have just read my story about Robin and thought “Yea, for you it’s easy…”Let’s just say ‘getting girls’ did not come easy to me.

First of all, I was probably the shyest guy you ever met. (And possibly the most boring.) At least that is how I felt every time I watched a girl who I thought liked me… walk away with no intention of ever hanging out with me.

It seemed no matter how hard I tried… women just didn’t think of me in that same ‘sexual’ way they seemed to think about other guys.

Why Does Her Interest Always Fade?

Within minutes of talking to a girl I could see her interest fading away. And then I’d start to panic and wind up blurting out ridiculous things- that I cringe thinking about.

The ones that did stick around… made it abundantly clear that they saw me as a ‘friendly’ guy.

I can’t tell you how frustrating it was to constantly be analyzing what went wrong with a girl who seemed so into me at first…

When Something Works…

I wasn’t about to settle for some girl who only liked me because I was the best she could get…

So I continued to blow tons of money trekking through bars, taking ‘ugly’ girls I met off out for hundred dollar dinners, and yes, handing over lots of money to strippers because at least they pretended to like me.

But here is the thing…all that experience began teaching me A LOT about what works and doesn’t work.

And I knew there had to be an easier way…

That’s when I came up with the idea to focus in on the handful of things I was doing that got a positive response from women- and perfect them- and just say the hell with all the other crap…

Maybe that would give me the insight that I needed. And it did.

An “Attraction Pattern” REVEALED…

When I actually started going out and really paying attention to what was working… and ditched what wasn’t. I began to see a clear pattern emerge.

There were certain things I could do over and over again… and they always got the girls I was talking to start giggling, touching me, and moving closer into me.

And then I had a moment of brilliance… if there were a handful of attraction triggers I could just keep pushing… why bother filling conversations with all that other useless fluff- since the fluff is where I usually lost them.

I have this saying ‘make small talk sexy’… well, why not just use ‘fun and sexy' small talk to keep flipping the same attraction switches over and over again?

Why Most Guys Blow It…

If I had to name the biggest reason most guys “blow it” is because they don’t keep escalating the attraction to the next level…

If a conversation hits a plateau for too long… the tension is released and she gets bored.

Many guys hit this “plateau” get frustrated, and give up.

So how do you overcome this “plateau?”

You are ALWAYS escalating the attraction


This is


hen you create ‘fun and sexy’ interaction… attraction is inevitable.

Maybe you have already been there…

Can see her teasing you, in that flirty way, where she holds eye contact, and has this sly little smile, and she keeps touching your arm as she talks… and even as she says “you’re such a jerk” she is moving closer and closer towards you.

And when her friends walk away, she stays with you. She tries to play it cool, but it’s obvious to the both of you that the two of you are ‘together’ and you’ll be leaving together later on.

Even when she walks away to use the bathroom you can see her nervously glance through the crowd to make sure you’re not talking to other girls. And when she comes back you can tell she’s been trying to think of something to say to impress you… And you feel this sense of ‘cool’ ‘relaxed’ pride because this adorably hot girl so obviously wants you.

And finally, without any hesitation, you lean in and kiss her. And you feel her GRIP you… like she’s never going to let go.

It is possible to get that same response… all the time.


Why Not Keep "Amplifying" the Attraction?

With this shift in thinking I began having a heck of a lot more fun talking to girls. Instead of fearing bars and clubs… I actually began looking forward to them. I was finally getting consistent results.

And I wasn’t just getting phone numbers…

I was getting dates… second dates… third dates… and yes, in a matter of months I went from having slept with only two girls… to having a phone full of girls I could call anytime for sex.

As I continued to do it, I got better and better at the process until I eventually built a system. Let me tell you what it's all about...

Trigger the Attraction…

The first thing you need to learn is: How to get a girl attracted to you.


This will give you the power to hook up with the hottest girls in the bar, allow you to completely reverse a female friend’s opinion of you… to the point she has to have you. And makes it so much more fun to go to bars, clubs, and parties… cause you’ll be surrounded by girls, and you’ll know, that you can take the one you want by the hand, and lead her anywhere you want…and she’ll follow.


Control the Attraction...

The Second Thing You Need to Learn is: How to keep the woman’s interest.


This way when you spark attraction…. You don’t blow it 5 minutes later… and have to start from scratch all over again. When you know how to keep flipping the attraction switches… you can keep a girl around for months… even years… and still be sleeping with other girls… and she’ll wait for you.


And then you need to…


Amplify the Attraction…

The Final Thing You Need to Learn is: How to escalate that attraction.

Never again worry about boring her, or losing her interest… as you are going to learn how to ignite a woman’s desire to chase you. Once you flip that switch in her mind… you never have to worry about her flaking out… cooling off… or becoming attracted to some other guy… you will own her.

Trigger… Control… AMPLIFY


’ve taken the time to use my experience to create three full length videos where I’ll show you five “attraction switches” you can pull over and over again to get a woman to feel white hot attraction for you.

I’ll give you example after example of exactly what to do in specific situations to “flip the switch” and get a girl who was moments ago indifferent to you… to feel compelled to have you.

You’re going to learn how to spark attraction within the first 7 minutes of the conversation so that you don’t run the risk of her thinking “why is this guy talking to me…” Instead she’ll be thinking “This guy better NOT leave…”

This is a complete educational course in Flipping Her Attraction Switches, from ideas and concepts to step-by-step and word-for-word techniques.

Everything you’re getting is the very best field-tested lines and techniques designed specifically to spark and maintain raw physical attraction.

Each video is structured like this: I explain to you what you need to do. I tell you why it works. And then I give you word for word examples you can use tonight

I’ve made this cookie cutter simple to implement… and left out all the fluff.


When you Get this Video Training you Will Discover

*     How to project yourself as a challenge so the woman doesn’t lose interest. If you’ve ever lost a girl who had been hot for you… you know how bad that sucks… this will make sure that never happens again. In fact, you can even slack off a bit and relax… and she’ll be waiting for you.

*     The 5 "Attraction Switches": How to use them to trigger nail-biting attraction in the first 7 minutes of a Conversation… or even to turn a female friend into a girl who can't keep her hands off you... and continue flipping these switches over and over until you own her body

*     How to ignite a woman’s desire to chase you. When you flip this switch… and she decides she has to have you… not only will the sex come quick… it will blow your mind.

*     A “Cheat Sheet” of lines to use in case you can’t think on your feet… this way you can take advantage of every opportunity you can to keep flipping those switches… you’ll never get tongue tied. And you will never ruin it with a girl you could have had.

*     Easy ways to escalate. This is how you make damn sure she never utters the words ‘I really like you as a friend.’ And you when you do it this way… you never run the risk of things getting awkward or misreading signals… and blowing the attraction you already created.

*     Examples of things you can say to peak a woman’s interest… Once you break through that ‘bitch shield’… you’re going to find that they are actually easy to talk to…

*     Comebacks for the most common shit tests. Shit test can make or break you. When you show her that she can’t tool you… her respect for you skyrockets… and you’ll see that she’ll also become really horny for you.

*     Ways to project that attractive confident vibe even if you’re nervous. Let’s face it… sometimes the nerves get the best of us… but she doesn’t have to know… in fact, she’ll think you were George Clooney Cool… even if you were shitting bricks inside.

*     A list of all the things you can tease her on. This way you’ll always be able to start bantering with her… and spark that ‘flirtatious’ vibe right from the start.

*     Exact ways to show a woman you’re a leader. An odd thing happens when a woman sees a man as a leader… she lets you lead her anywhere you please… and hardly rejects to a thing. Maybe you’ve met a guy with this ability… why not be him?

*     How to compliment a girl without losing value in her eyes… it’s a tricky thing that done wrong can kill attraction. Done right…it can set off little chemicals in her brain that feel so good she can’t help but become insanely turned on.

*     The right way to initiate physical contact. This is how the smooth guys do it. When you do it this way… there is no resistance.

*     How to get her into ‘follow’ mode… women hate decision making… and once the switch is flipped… she’ll do literally anything you say.

*     A magic word that she can’t say no to. I’m going to warn you… it get very addicting when you see how powerful this little four letter word can be.

*     Examples of things to say to bring out her ‘wild side’. Every girl has a wild side… but only a select few ‘bad boys’ can bring it out of her. Trust me though, she wants to meet a guy who lets her unleash it…

*     How to appear high value to a woman without having to make up wild stories or lies. I feel like a phony telling fake stories or slipping irrelevant information into a conversation just to seem cool… so I don’t. I do this instead and it gets even better results.

*     How to make sure you’re always cooler than the girl. When a girl thinks you’re cooler than her… hidden high school feelings come out… and you become the star quarterback she has to have…

*     A simple trick to always have the better comeback. It is embarrassing when you’re verbally sparring with a girl…and she makes you look stupid… I’m going to give you a comeback that makes sure this never happens.

*     How to pass shit tests in a way that actually makes her more attracted to you… any ‘doubts’ she had about you will vanish when she sees how well you handle her… most guys can’t.

*     How to build rapport without sacrificing attraction… this way you don’t slip into the ‘friend zone’ while building comfort.

*     “Caveman” teasing techniques… this is a ‘fun’ and ‘easy’ way to get the conversation physical.

*     How to initiate ‘banter’ and get her flirting with you… this lets you skip the ‘small talk’ and gets her putting in effort. It’s a lot easier to keep a conversation going when she is pitching in.

*     How to plant ‘dirty thoughts’ about you in her mind. This means when she is lying in bed later that night… her mind is going to become fixed on you… and most likely… thinking about doing very dirty things with you… and she’ll have no idea why she can’t get you out of your mind.

*     How to take the objections she’s giving you and turn them into things that actually make her more attracted to you. Instead of retreating at the first sign of objection… you’ll actually look forward for them so that you can amplify her attraction.

*     The simplest way to avoid interview mode. Most of the time ‘interview mode’ is when the attraction begins to fizzle… when you start skipping it a lot of those girls who were losing interest will still be there at the end of the night.

*     How to use ‘takeaways’ to drive the woman crazy with attraction. When you start doing this you don’t have to worry about other guys coming along and stealing her away… because her attention will be glued on you.

*     How to recognize the signals a woman is giving you. Girls will practically let you read their mind if you know what to look for. Once she see the cues… its like you have a road map to seduce her.

*     How to control the ‘flow’ of the interaction. Most attraction is lost when you lose control of the conversation… and she unconsciously recognizes this… the fact is, as long as you stay in control you don’t have to worry about her interest slipping away… or the attraction fading.

*     How to prepare her to be kissed. This will destroy any of the awkwardness you feel going for it. And that trouble you have closing will disappear overnight.

*     How to verbalize your desire for her… without coming across needy or scaring her away. When you learn how to do this women begin seeing you in a much more sexual way.

*     Secrets to building sexual tension with a girl. And once the tension SKY HIGH she’ll be practically ripping your clothes off as she suggest heading back your place for ‘drinks.’

*     How to create that ‘you and me’ vibe with her. This is what keeps her attention glued on you even when other better looking guys are around.


*     How to create an ‘emotional experience’ for her. This will get her addicted to being around you.

*     How to recognize ‘escalation opportunities’ and avoid blowing them.

*     Use ‘ambiguity’ to get her obsessed with you. When she can’t figure you out- she’ll find herself thinking of you constantly. The more she thinks of you… the more she’ll convince herself she must be in love with you… at this point you own her.



Never again worry about losing out to other guys. Let’s face it, there are always other guys ready to step in and try to steal her away… but here’s the thing… when a girl feels intense attraction to you… she hardly realizes that other guys exist.


Everything you are going to learn makes talking to women more fun. And this is a snow ball effect… because the more you’re seeing girls give you those ‘bedroom’ eyes.. the more your confidence is going to soar… which just makes her even more attracted to you.


So How Much For All This?


Right now, you can have this entire program, for only $27.

If you continually lose women’s interest, find that you just can’t get them out on a date, or have no clue what the hell you need to finally do to spark some attraction… then these videos are going to save you a TON of frustration, missed opportunities, and prevent the good ones from slipping away…

The Price WILL GO UP!

As you know by now… $27 is ridiculously cheap for everything you’re getting. Most “gurus” are charging $97 and hitting you up with monthly fees… and they’re not giving you even half the value you’re getting here.

So, why am I charging only a one-time payment of $27 for the entire program and all the bonuses? This is the “beta” version of the product. I'm releasing this now to get user feedback, which I will then incorporate into the “alpha” version of the product. Of course, when I make these changes, I'm going to raise the price. However, if you act today, not only will you get it at the lowest price, you'll get all future updates for free!


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I’ve Also Thrown in Some Killer Bonuses…




Maximum Physical Attractiveness audio class.

This is a brand new audio class I did with world famous pickup artist, Rob Judge. In this 1.5 hour audio program we’ll show you exactly how you can move up to four levels on the “looks scale” with nearly any effort.

Let’s be honest, you want every advantage you can get- and this program will show you how to capitalize on time-tested attraction triggers- that will unconsciously have her group you in with the cool, hot guys she’s craved her entire life.

Here’s the thing- we’re not talking about ‘peacocking’ in goofy outfits, bulking up with endless hours at the gym, or completely altering your own personal unique identity…. We’re talking about taking what you’ve already got and making some slight improvements that will make a huge difference.

The fact is, there are a handful of high leverage areas… these are the areas that with slight “tweaking” you can go from “just another guy in the crowd” to the type of guy that the girls are praying will approach them. In fact, quite often they won’t be able to help themselves… and they’ll approach you.

Other things you’ll learn in this audio class:

*     How to make yourself more ‘believable’ as the kind of guy who gets women. This prevents ‘alarms’ from going off in her head that get her thinking maybe you’re not that cool.

*     A game plan for becoming more attractive literally overnight. When you combine a couple things at once… you’re attractiveness increases exponentially. Even girls who have had you in the friend zone forever will begin to notice you in a whole new way…

*     Fashion ‘secrets’ that take an ordinary outfit and make it something ‘hot’. Guys who get girls dress a certain way… When you begin dressing this way too, girls will automatically group you in with these sorts of guys.

*     How to have a girl choose you from the crowd. When she chooses you half your work is done… and since she doesn’t feel like she was sold… she is much more likely to go

home with you that night.

BONUS 2: Flirting Secrets Audio Class


You’re going to get the Flirting Secrets Audio Class.

This is a special tele-class I did with #1 rated pickup artist in the world, Adam Lyons. If you’ve ever met had you know this guy practically drips of charisma… and in this program I have him reveal some of his tightly guarded secrets for quickly taking a conversation to a flirtatious level.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this tele-class:

*     Secrets to flirt with women. This is how to begin ‘sexual communication’ with them.

*     How to send non-verbal signals to a woman before you even open your mouth that lets her know this is a flirtatious encounter.

*     How to make women laugh. This is how you can control an entire set of girls at once. And have them all hoping you choose them.

*     Exact techniques used by the world’s #1 rated pickup artist. Adam Lyons reveals some of his ‘sneaky’ flirting tricks that got him to become one of the world’s most effective seducers



BONUS 3: Attraction Magnets: 12 Topics That Make Attraction Inevitable

And finally you’re going to get my “Attraction Magnets” Report: 12 Topics That Make Attraction Inevitable.

After years of struggling to find interesting things to talk about- I narrowed it down to 12 topics that make it easy to spark attraction.

You see, not all topics are created equal. And most will just bore her silly.

She doesn’t want to hear about your job. She doesn't care about how long you've lived in your current city. And if one more guys asks her "Do you come hear often?" she will probably scream.

So what are some traits of topics that she DOES want to talk about. And more importantly… what are the traits of topics that will lead you to your desired outcome… ATTRACTION.

In this report I’m going to walk you through each of the 12 topics and show you how to introduce them into a conversation.

You’ll learn:

*     12 conversation topics that make it easy to create attraction. You never have to worry about not knowing what to say. And you’ll be much more confident to start conversations with girls.

*     How to differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other guys who have hit on her. This prevents you from getting lost in the crowd or forgotten about later on when she leaves the bar.

*     How to provide ‘hooks’ to keep her interested in talking to you. You won’t see that ‘oh god’ he’s so boring look anymore.

*     What topics make it easy to start “touching” and produce an undercurrent of sexuality. It will send the ‘I want to fuck this guy’ message into her brain.

*     How to naturally bring these topics into a conversation.

*     Topics that allow you to display high levels of social intelligence. Girls will look at you the same way teenage girls look at the star quarterback of their high school.

*     The best topic for transition to sex. The amount of same night lays you have will go through the roof.

*     Good topics for showing off your sense of humor. Girls will want to be around you more since they always have so much fun with you.

*     How to amplify her emotions. This gets her natural ‘good feelings’ increased while talking to you.. and she associates you with those feelings. It’s sneaky… but powerful.

Once you get your hands on this report you’re going to learn exactly how to snap her out of the ‘boredom trance’ This is how you get her full attention… and it’s a lot easier to spark attraction when you have her tuned in to you..


Each of the four bonuses are worth over $27 EACH… so it’s like you get the complete Amplify the Attraction program for nothing.


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I flat out know you’re going to LOVE this program. In fact, if 10 light bulbs don’t go off in your head after watching the first video… and you aren’t getting a 10x better reaction from the girls you’re talking too… I’ll refund every penny.

This means you can examine this entire package for a full 8 weeks, and if you're not completely delighted with how quickly it transforms your conversations, I'll refund every penny of your money to you… no questions asked.

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// Makes a World of Difference…


// you spot a girl you like to you’re going to find yourself naturally walking towards her without that long debate in your head… you’re going to feel energized and motivated to start the conversation…

With all the examples you’ve been given, your mind is just on, and lightning quick you’ve got a response to everything she is saying.

But not only that… one by one you’re flipping each of her attraction switches. And you can visibly see her ‘glow’ radiating more and more.

Instead of after a few minutes her thinking ‘oh god, this guy isn’t as cool as I thought he was…’ you’ll be able to amplify the attraction and have her thinking ‘I want this guy…bad’

And when you hit bumps in the conversation…instead of panicking and blurting out stupid things… you’ll be able to step back, relax for a second, and then go back in even harder flipping more and more of her attraction switches. Until she just about completely gives up on the idea of resisting you.

You will know when this happens when you notice her gazing into your eyes, without trying to hide it, getting closer and closer to you, laughing at just about everything you are saying, finding every little excuse she can to touch you, and just about daring you to kiss her.

Your life changes at this point because you don’t even need to go out ‘hunting’ women anymore because you will have so many that you can just pick up the phone and call.

An odd thing happens, as girls see you with girls, your ‘social proof’ goes through the roof and it’s like you don’t even have to try anymore. You’ll be at parties and girls will approach you… Girls you casually chatted with on campus or at a bar, will search you on Facebook . And girls will constantly be trying to set you up with their hot friends.

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This is NOT a One-Size Fits All Program


If you’re looking for a one size fits all guide to meeting women… this isn’t it. I don’t want there to be able misunderstandings. This product doesn’t talk about where to meet girls. It doesn’t give you ‘sex’ advice. It won’t teach you how to set up a cool online profile. And it’s not going to give you a bunch of affirmations to use to overcome approach anxiety…

…This product was designed for one purpose

It was created so that when you have a girl standing in front of her you know exactly what to say and do to trigger nail-biting attraction in her. And once you’ve sparked the attraction… it will show you how to keep pushing all buttons that continue to amplify the attraction to the point she has to have you…and she wouldn’t dream of ignoring your calls, putting you in the friend zone, or running off with some other dude.

So yea, if you’re looking for a big box program with 15 hours of fluff… this is not it. This is just example after example of what you should be doing tonight to trigger white-hot animal attraction in women…


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Why am I writing this to you? Because a few hours before going out I listened to YOUR PROGRAM.


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"You're the best PUA/guru out there…"


Just thought I would say IMO you’re the best PUA/guru out there (and I should know because I get emails like yours from about 23 of them). I like your style, advice and articles. It’s really simple, not like an instruction manual or full of "buzz words".


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You’re attraction product is the best attraction material product in the market.  Its massive verbal game and everything combined into a great delivery to easily learn.

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Walked straight to victoria’s secret, (still looking like a hot mess) and approached this supper model store clerk.. I told her i was here looking for my grandmother’s birthday present... Made her laugh the whole time, threw in the sexual aggression.. SHE GAVE ME HER NUMBER... and asked me to come to a bar tomorrow night to hear a band that her brother is in… FUCK YEA! So, i go back to the chick that i initially got interested. I grabbed a random bait off the shelf and proceeded to check out..


Upon walking to the exit, she stopped me and gave me her number and told me to txt her when i caught dolly....


Game on BRO!


--John R


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wow Bobby! This stuff is gold!!!




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Your program is improving my conversation skills a lot, I feel very comfortable interacting with complete strangers and getting phone numbers and dates more easily. My Facebook just crossed 300 friends mark thanks to new girls getting on the list. 


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"Life Changing…"


Great stuff!  Thank you for this.  I have spent several hours on your material so far and think it is one of my "missing links".  Have big expectations.  Truly believe your conversation material could be life changing.


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